The 2018 Annual Meeting



FOUNDED October 10, 1998


 The Ethiopian Physical Society (EPS) has been legally established on 31 August, 1998 and its founding conference was held on 10 October, 1998.

 The Society is now going to hold its 12thConference on 23-24 February, 2018 at Addis Ababa University.

 Theme of the Conference:

 The status of physics education and research in Etiopia.

We invite members and potential members to attend the Conference. On this occasion, we request each potential member to be a member of the Society. (You can fill up the form at the end, detach and mail it to us.) 

Objectives of EPS

·   <!--[endif]-->To promote physics education and research in the country.

·   <!--[endif]-->To organize and coordinate various conferences on physics education and research.

·   <!--[endif]-->To popularize physics in order to make students develop interest in physics.

·   <!--[endif]-->To encourage active participation of Ethiopian physicists in the design of the physics curriculum.

·   <!--[endif]-->To promote public awareness and acceptance of the physics profession.

·   <!--[endif]-->To provide assistance to members when they encounter professional problems.

·   <!--[endif]-->To create a means of cooperation &communication between the EPS and similar national, regional, and international societies.

·   <!--[endif]-->To promote communication of professional experience and cooperation among members.

·   <!--[endif]-->To build communication among professionals through publication of conference papers presentation abstracts.


·   <!--[endif]-->To serve the scientific community by launching publication of scientific research papers in the “Journal of the Ethiopian Physical Society, EPS”.


 MEMBERSHIP TYPES (According to Article 6)


1.      Regular Member

 A person may be a regular member if he/she is at least a diploma graduate in physics or has completed 2 years of college education in physics, with at least 3 years of work experience in the field. He/she must also be currently working in the field or related area

1.      Associate Member

A person who has been trained in physics, but who has changed his/her profession.

A person who has studied physics as a minor at a university level

A person who has studied physics and is currently involved in promoting the field


2.   Student Member

A student who has at least two years of college education in physics



 1.    Registration fees (article 6.1)

 i)      Regular Member:         50.00 Birr

ii)     Associate Member:      30.00 Birr

iii)    Student Member:           5.00 Birr


2.    Annual Contributions (article 6.2) 

 i)      Regular Member:         100.00 Birr

 ii)     Associate Member:      50.00 Birr

 iii)    Student Member:           10.00 Birr

iv) Conference participation fee: 200.00 birr


  2.      Associate Stakeholders (article 6.3)


i)    Registration                       500.00 Birr

ii)   Annual payment              5000.00 Birr



 The annual contribution should be paid before the end of the month of 'Tikimt'. Only members who have paid the annual contribution could get membership benefits from the EPS.



Download Application Form from here. 




To All Members of the Ethiopian Physical Society:

As per the 13th Annual conference held at Adama Science and Technology University (ASTU) on February 15 & 16, 2019 the result of the election of new representatives of the Ethiopian Physical Society EPS has been announced at the moment. However, due to some complains these new elect have conducted its meeting here at the head office and re-shelved duties as follows:


1. Dr. Tesgera Bedassa        President

2. Dr. Ababa Belay              Vice President

3. Dr. Deribe Hirpo             Secretary

4. Dr. Lemi Demeyu           Treasurer 

5. Dr. Newaymedhin   Abera  Communication officer

6. Dr. Belayneh Mesfin       Accountant

7. Dr. Leta Tesfaye           Editor 

8. Dr. Mesfin Asfaw         Auditor


Conference Theme:

·      Physics in the Development of Science and Technology


Conference Dates:

The conference will be held on February 15-16, 2019.


Date of Submission:

Members who wish to present papers should submit abstract before January 1, 2019. Attached abstract should be sent as a word document, 12p font size, single-spaced and no longer than 300 words. Full length paper submission deadline: January 15, 2019.

Note: Selected papers will be published on the Journal of the Ethiopian Physical Society (JEPS) 1st volume


Submit to:

       Abstracts should be mailed to:




Conference Venue:

Adama Science and Technology University, 






EPS 12th Annual National Conference, College of Natural and Computational Sciences, Addis Ababa University, Aprill 2018




The EPS 12th Annual National Conference was held at Addis Ababa University, College of Natural and Computational Sciences, on February 23 and 24, 2018 under the theme “The Status of Physics Education and Research in Ethiopia”.

The opening of the Conference was announced by the President of EPS, Dr. Chernet Ament, in his well-come speech.  In the speech, the President thanked and congratulated those who participated in the organizing process of the Conference.

The Conference was attended by 200 participants most of which came from institutions outside Addis Ababa. The event was marked by a steep increase in original research work presentations in which 20 selected research papers were presented. It is important to maintain and encourage this trend since the promotion of research is one of the objectives of EPS.

The President also appreciated the interest coming from Universities to host similar events.

Finally, EPS would like to warmly thank all those who contributed a lot to the successful organization of the event. In particular we are deeply indebted to Ministry of Science and Technology, General Electric, Entoto Observatory and Space Science Research Center, BGI Ethiopia, INDOSAW,  the Department of Physics of AAU, for their financial support in organizing the event.

The 11th Conference of Ethiopian Physical Society is Held at Dire Dawa University, 2017.



Dire Dawa university, Department of Physics as a member of the society, has held the 11th conference of Ethiopian physical society on the 3rd and 4thJanuary 2017.

The conference aimed that research and development in physics have contributed significantly in human civilizations like the industrial and electronic revolutions. Modern electronic devices like TV, cell phone, computer, radar, airplane, medical diagnosis and treatment equipment and so on are largely resulted from Physics research and development done by physicists. The developed world has benefited economically and culturally from the expansion of physics education at different levels. Perhaps it is believed that economic and social divisions between west and developing countries can be narrow down dramatically by expanding physics education and research in developing countries among other things.

The Ethiopian physical society in our country was organized years ago to enhance the development of science and technology in line with the government plan. Pursuant to the plan, the society prepares conferences every year in collaboration with a selected Ethiopian university in general and physics departments in particular. In the conference, community based problem solving researches are presented to the audiences or to the physicists and discusses would be held in accordance with the findings.

 10th Physical Society National Conference


Dr. ChernetAmente, Ethiopian Physics professionals’ association president, delivering speech at the conference


DMU:-DebreMarkos University, Natural and Computational Science College, Department of Physics prepares the 10th Physical Society National Conference under the presence of members from the abroad and domestic Universities in its compound.

Opening the conference,  Dr.SayehKassaw, acting vice President of DebreMarkos University Business and Development, states that DebreMarkos University, one of the 2nd generation universities,  exerts great effort in the teaching-learning, research and community service activities. As to his explanation,   the University is playing its own roles in producing skilled man power to the development of the nation by teaching above 20,000 students having above 2,000 academic and administrative staff. The University continues supporting such associations since scientific findings of researches presented in the conference have pivotal roles to the developmental changes of the community and the nation at large by alleviating challenges for development, Dr. Sayeh remarks.

Dr. Cherenet, Ethiopian Physical Society Association President, on his part reminds that the Association has been established at Jimma 17 years ago. The association gives advantages in disseminating innovative knowledge on Physics to the University community and other bodies.
Twenty selected research works under the themes ”Quality of Physics Education, The role of Physics Education to enhance Research, Science Application and Technology and the Education of Physics to the development of the Community and the country” are presented and participants made detail discussions on them.

Finally, DebreMarkos University, Physics Department Head, Mr. Bantayehu  Aderaw says that conducting this Annual National Conference in the University enables to change the attitude of the community  towards Physics Education,  DebreMarkos University Physics Instructors  introduce  and share experience to many Physics Scholars who came from universities of the country. Researches presented in the conference enable DebreMarkos University Physics Instructors and the community Physics Scholars to develop their Research understandings on the area. It also helps to build image of the University by introducing the university to the participants besides to creating initiation to physics students of the community, he concluded.