FOUNDED October 10, 1998


The Ethiopian Physical Society (EPS) has been legally established on 31 August, 1998 and its founding conference was held on 10 October, 1998.

 The Society is now going to hold its 16th Conference in Robe, Madda Walaabuu University in February 2022.

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15th EPS Conference (Wolkite University, Feb 26-27, 2021)

14th EPS Conference (Arba Minch University, Feb 7-8, 2020)

 The status of physics education and research in Etiopia.

We invite members and potential members to attend the annual Conferences. We request each Ethiopian Physicist to be a member of the Society. (You can fill up the form at the end, detach and mail it to us.) 

Objectives of EPS

·   <!--[endif]-->To promote physics education and research in the country.

·   <!--[endif]-->To organize and coordinate various conferences on physics education and research.

·   <!--[endif]-->To popularize physics in order to make students develop interest in physics.

·   <!--[endif]-->To encourage active participation of Ethiopian physicists in the design of the physics curriculum.

·   <!--[endif]-->To promote public awareness and acceptance of the physics profession.

·   <!--[endif]-->To provide assistance to members when they encounter professional problems.

·   <!--[endif]-->To create a means of cooperation &communication between the EPS and similar national, regional, and international societies.

·   <!--[endif]-->To promote communication of professional experience and cooperation among members.

·   <!--[endif]-->To build communication among professionals through publication of conference papers presentation abstracts.


·   <!--[endif]-->To serve the scientific community by launching publication of scientific research papers in the “Journal of the Ethiopian Physical Society, EPS”.