Professional societies play a key role in promoting the development of science, technology and education among other things. In view of this, the Ethiopian Physical Society (EPS) was founded on October 10, 1998 by Ethiopian physics professionals to enhance physics research and education, thereby contributing its share to the overall development of the country.


The objectives of EPS are:

o   <!--[endif]--> To promote physics education and research in the country;

o   <!--[endif]-->To organize and coordinate various conferences on physics education and exchange of scientific            information;

o   <!--[endif]-->To popularize physics in order to make students develop interest in physics;

o   <!--[endif]-->To promote active participation of Ethiopian physicists and the general public in the design and     implementation of the physics curriculum;

o   <!--[endif]-->To create a means for disseminating scientific information; etc. ...

 In an attempt to meet these objectives, EPS has so far launched twelve National Conferences and issued 12 News-letters and four Conference Proceedings. The society is now about to lounch its journal "Journal of the Ethiopian Physical Society, JEPS" by this year (2018).

The themes of the conferences held in the past raised important issues related to physics research, education and its applications in various fields. In view of the current growing interest in the area of sciences in Ethiopia, EPS's role undoubtedly is quite crucial for advancing physics research and education.

This year, EPS is preparing to launch its 12th National Conference in the premises of Department of Physics, Addis Ababa University. The theme of the Conference is: Status of Physics Education and Research in Ethiopia.