MEMBERSHIP TYPES (According to Article 6)


1.      Regular Member

 A person may be a regular member if he/she is at least a diploma graduate in physics or has completed 2 years of college education in physics, with at least 3 years of work experience in the field. He/she must also be currently working in the field or related area

1.      Associate Member

A person who has been trained in physics, but who has changed his/her profession.

A person who has studied physics as a minor at a university level

A person who has studied physics and is currently involved in promoting the field


2.   Student Member

A student who has at least two years of college education in physics



 1.    Registration fees (article 6.1)

 i)      Regular Member:         50.00 Birr

ii)     Associate Member:      30.00 Birr

iii)    Student Member:           5.00 Birr


2.    Annual Contributions (article 6.2) 

 i)      Regular Member:         100.00 Birr

 ii)     Associate Member:      50.00 Birr

 iii)    Student Member:           10.00 Birr

iv) Conference participation fee: 200.00 birr


  2.      Associate Stakeholders (article 6.3)


i)    Registration                       500.00 Birr

ii)   Annual payment              5000.00 Birr



 The annual contribution should be paid before the end of the month of 'Tikimt'. Only members who have paid the annual contribution could get membership benefits from the EPS.

The EPS bank account is 

ETH PHYS SOCIETY 1000010780628 Commercial Bank of Ethiopia. After paying, please send the info to Dr. Lemi Demeyu This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Download Application Form from here.